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Promises... Promises...

Over the years I've seen lots of 'get rich quick programmes aimed at driving instructors.

  • "Web templates to triple your enquiries"

  • "Killer voucher scheme to grow your business"

  • "Advertising secrets to double your earnings"

I could go on...

I've seen instructors spend literally £1000's on quick fix solutions that never worked.

So why should you believe that Profit Buster is any different from the rest?

I've been involved in driver training for 40 years and built a solid reputation by delivering on my promises and here's my promise to you.

"If you follow the processes set out in Profit Buster MasterClass you will see an increase in your profits"

I can't guarantee how much you will increase, but although you might not believe me, I believe that some instructors could increase their earning by up to £10,000 - and no, that's not a misprint.

I'm not about to damage my reputation for honesty and good ideas with harebrained scheme that is all 'hot air'. Together, we can improve your business.

Rather than trying to add a 'quick fix' patch to a business that is not performing as well as it could, Profit Buster helps you to understand your business and create a solid foundation for planning and marketing that will give you a secure buffer against fluctuations in the market and help make you the 'got to' instructor for your area. You will learn how to create your own good luck!

What is Profit Buster MasterClass

Profit Buster is a 20 part programme delivered over seven months. It's designed to help you to maximise your earnings and profit.

Many driving instructors either don’t consider themselves to be business people or don't operate their sales, marketing and business management following set, tried and trusted business methods. This is not because they are unprofessional, but rather because they have never had any formal business training.

Profit Buster will guide you step-by-step through the key areas of your business where a deeper understanding can help you to improve your profits.

You will get one task to complete every 10 days for 200 days - approx seven months. The tasks come with easy-to-follow common-sense instructions to guide you towards your goals. You then have access to the complete programme for another five months.

The Price - up to 70% discount...

Just £29.95 for ADI MasterClass Gold members, £39.95 for weekly members and £99.95 for everyone else.

Why so cheap? Good question!

I've always tried to give the best possible value to my customers - typically a programme like this from business gurus like Brian Tracy or Chris Cardell would cost £299 or more - and it would not be geared specifically towards driving instructors - I know because I've spent £1000's learning with other people!

I've pitched the price at a level that instructor's will be comfortable with - an essential part of understanding your market!

Launch date - Mid December 2019... Make sure you get it before the instructor down the road!