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All the items listed are available under licence as part of a MasterClass Gold Members subscription

VTS Diagrams £22.95

70+ diagrams to illustrate your lessons and engage your learners. Free Samples Here

(This product is free for Gold Members)

Coaching diagrams £14.95

13 Scenarios to stimulate thought and discussion - Ideal for Team Lessons

(This product is free for Gold Members)

Learner Handouts £22.95

Handouts to help learning and give your business an edge. Boost your business by getting customers to share with friends. Free Samples Here

(This product is free for Gold Members)

MasterClass Profit Buster £99.95

Profit Buster is a twenty-part business and marketing programme developed specifically for driving instructors and delivered over ten months - a new update every two weeks. It's designed to help you to maximise your earnings and profit.

Profit Buster will guide you step-by-step through the key areas of your business where a deeper understanding can help you to improve your profits.

I guarantee that if you work full-time and follow the advice in Profit Buster you will make an extra £750 in the first year - but typically you might expect £2000/£3000 extra.

Full details here

The DriverActive Visual Teaching System

Free with Gold Membership

New for 2023: Now includes bookmarks and tappable menu for easy use on tablets - also QR codes linking DriverActive Content.

VTSThe forerunner of the DriverActive Visual Teaching System has been an instructors' favourite for 20 years helping both Student and qualified ADI's.

In driver training it has been widely accepted for years that the use of visual aids can make life a lot easier for both the learner and instructor.

The DriverActive Visual Teaching System (VTS) download is a tried and tested set of diagrams that are ideal for Part-Three, Check-Test and day-to-day use.

Whether you are an experienced ADI, or a student preparing for Part-Three, the Visual Teaching System will enhance your in-car presentation and keep your lessons on track. Part-Three students find that using the VTS makes briefings and explanations easy (using the 'SmartDriving Method'). Simply download and you are ready to go.

Over Seventy Full-Colour Pages

The VTS download (pdf) has over seventy full colour pages including:

  • All driving test manoeuvres

  • Controls

  • Moving off

  • A range of junctions

  • Mirrors

  • Crossings

  • Dual carriageways

  • Motorways

The simple, non-cluttered design enables you to illustrate an infinite number of points for your pupils by drawing on the diagram, highlighting, underlining or circling text, using the points as a tick list or basis for questions and much more besides.

The downloadable VTS can be presented in a polypropylene presentation folder or similar for easy 'wipe clean' use with a dry marker pen. Alternatively you could load your diagrams into a tablet device and use an overlay drawing App in place of a dry marker.

DriverActive Handouts

Free with Gold Membership


As competition and standards are get tougher, it is more important than ever for driving instructors to 'add value' to their lessons.

Success happens when a number of small customer care initiatives come together.

DriverActive handouts are now part of the mix that is helping over 1000 instructors to compete successfully while others are struggling.

The Handouts will enhance your professional image. This will help to increase referral business and in turn, move you towards a higher-than-average pricing structure. You can download and print the handouts as required with no restriction.

Instructors who have been using the DriverActive Handouts over the last few years typically report their pupil's saying things like:

"This is really good, my old instructor never used to give me anything like this"

"My friend is quite jealous, her instructor doesn't give her anything to help with their learning at the end of the lessons".

Handouts offer an economical, simple yet powerful resource.

The benefits of lesson handouts for learners are perhaps fairly obvious; reinforcement of learning, information in small relevant 'chunks', etc. But what are the commercial benefits?

Commercial benefits

Your customers pay for a service. The more comprehensive your service, the more likely they are to keep choosing you for their lessons... And to send their friends as

Your 56 page handout download (47 handouts) comes with an online guide about how to use handouts for maximum benefits as both a training and business tool.

Coaching diagrams

Free with Gold Membership*

The coaching diagrams provide driving instructors with a range of simple downloadable diagrams illustrating accident or potential accident situations.

We often hear people say "It wasn't my fault!" after an accident. These diagrams are primarily designed to be used as in-car or classroom teaching aids to promote discussion about the concepts of 'fault' and 'blame'.

Coaching has major benefits by helping learners to determine their own solutions - these diagrams can help to develop useful driving attitudes and to challenge thoughts and feelings which are less than useful...

When discussing the diagrams, allow your pupils to do the work!

You can use the questions provided as a basis for discussion and generate further questions based on the ideas that arise from the discussion. In this type of training it is valuable to answer your pupil's questions with further questions of your own.

Click the diagram image for a free sample diagram.

*The Gold area also includes explanations and suggested lines of questioning for each diagram

Free Pupil Records

Pupil Record System

Instructors with adequate teaching skills sometimes lose business because their pupils feel that they are not making progress. Good records, coupled with a regular review process helps to keep customers both motivated, and in your car...

The DriverActive Pupil Record System will help ensure continuity of training.

In turn, this will accelerate your learners' progress and motivation.

Training continuity, measurable progress and positive pupil motivation are key factors that determine your potential for referral business and increased profit!

The DriverActive pack offers all the benefits of good pupil record system with none of the usual problems.

Unlike other systems and logbooks, It's easy to use, common sense format ensures maximum pupil progress by encouraging 'participative learning' - the system offers a quick, easy and accurate way to track your pupils' progress.

FREE Download

Your new pupil record master sheets come complete with the booklet 'Using your Records'. This 13 page guide explains how to ensure you make best use of your pupil records (whichever system you use) for maximum business and training productivity.